SAT Format


What is the Format of the SAT Suite of Assessments?


  • Reading Test
  • Writing & Language Test


  • Math Test: No-Calculator Portion
  • Math Test: Calculator Portion


      Key Features


Key Features of the SAT Suite of Assessments

  • Words in Context
  • Command of Evidence
  • Essay Analyzing a Source
  • Math that Matters Most
  • Problems Grounded in Real-World Contexts
  • Analysis in Science and in History / Social Studies
  • U.S. Founding Documents and the Great Global Conversation
  • No Penalty for Guessing

      Reading and Writing


Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Overview

  • Evidence Based Reading & Writing Section comprises the Reading Test and the Writing & Language Test
  • Test complexity
  • SAT: range from 9th grade through first-year, post high school
  • PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10: range from 9th to 10th grade
  • PSAT 8/9: range from 6th to 10th grade
  • Ephasizes source analysis and use of evidence
  • Incorporates data and informational graphics
  • Focuses on words in context and on word choice for rhetorical effect
  • Includes texts in literature, science, and social studies



Reading Test Overview

  • The overall aim of the Reading Test is to determine whether students can demonstrate college and career readiness proficiency in comprehending a broad range of high-quality, appropriately challenging literary and informational texts in the content areas of U.S. and world literature, history/social studies, and science.
  • The test comprises a series of passages and associated multiple-choice questions. Some question sets will refer to paired passages, others will refer to only one passage.
  • Students must refer to the specific language in the passages and use careful reasoning to draw supportable inferences.

      Writing and Language


Writing and Language Test Overview

  • Assesses college and career readiness proficiency in revising and editing a range of texts
  • Does not require students to provide written responses - multiple-choice questions only.
  • Attends to a core set of standard English language conventions and to effective written expression.
  • Some passages and/or questions will be accompanied by representations of data - tables, charts, graphs, etc.
  • All passages will be written specifically for the test
  • The most common question format will require students to choose the best of three alternatives to an indicated part of the passage (often an underlined portion) or to determine that the version presented in the passage is the best option.



Math Test Overview

  • Focus on content that matters most for college and career readiness:
  • Assesses fluency with, understanding of, and ability to apply mathematical concepts
  • Algebra and linear equations
  • Problem solving and data analysis
  • Advanced mathematical practices
  • Certain key elements are woven throughout the Math Test:
  • Emphasizes mathematical application and reasoning
  • Offers problems form a range of disciplines addressing real-world problems drawn from science, social studies, and careers
  • Comprises both calculator and no-calculator portions, as well as attention to the use of a calculator as a tool
  • Asks both multiple-choice questions and student-produced response questions

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      About the SAT


Top 10 Things to Tell Students About the SAT

  1. Register/sign up for Khan Academy
  2. Use evidence to suport your arguments
  3. Build your reading stamina
  4. Always analyze the informational graphics
  5. Get excited about the U.S. founding documents
  6. Practice editing
  7. Put away the calculator (some of the time)
  8. Check your answers
  9. Answer every question on the test
  10. Take the SAT!

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